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Birthdate:Jul 9
Location:Ohio, United States of America
I am and have been many things, not the least of which I am a wife, mother, gamer, knitter and nurse. Now that I've retunred to work I do have more things to share so you can see how much fun it is to be a nurse. I started this journal while in nursing school, but now I just download here so I don't lay awake at night second guessing myself. So, go read it, not my profile page, there's nothing to see here, well except how old my children are, what the weather is like here and supporting my special causes - go clicky them! I have a lot of icons that are available for swiping as long as you credit the original creator, please, however, do not take any photos of my children, otherwise I will Hulk-smash first and ask questions later.

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“She wanted to see peace. This is good. Peace is most precious to understand. These others, the Chinese, who oppress us Tibetans, they are not any different from us, they are exactly the same, but they don’t know it, they simply don’t understand that we are all alike, all people, not different, not even separate. I am not different from them at all. I am them. They are me, are us. I pray for them to know peace and compassion and to know that we are all one, all the same people. In the beginning, before anything else was formed, there was the Great Ocean of Compassion. Out of this everything arose and so we are all the same, all the great ocean. Understanding this will bring about the peace that we are seeking. I pray only that the Chinese, who are not any different people from you and me, will come to understand their true nature and there will no longer be any seeming of difficulties between us.” - Old Lobsang, Lama, Himalayan Mountains, speaking about his wife

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